Thinking of volunteering?

Whether you are interested in joining as a Responder, helping raise awareness of our work or fundraising, or you simply want to learn more then please contact us.

Useful Links

Whilst we are happy to provide these links we have no control over them or their content. Phone Apps, and reading about helping others, giving first aid and even CPR can be useful but they are no substitute for proper training and qualifications.

General Advice

General Health and wellbieng, help and support in your area from the NHS website

Phone Apps etc.

Red Cross First Aid App for Apple  and Android phones

Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid App for Apple and Android phones

St John Ambulance First Aid App for Apple, Android and Blackberry phones

Resuscitation Council (UK) Lifesaver App for computer, Apple and Android Phones & tablets - uses interactive video.

Other Resources

Red Cross First Aid Quiz (Aimed at Young People)

Online First Aid Advice from St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance resuscitation/CPR advice

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