Thinking of volunteering?

Whether you are interested in joining as a Responder, helping raise awareness of our work or fundraising, or you simply want to learn more then please contact us.


What do Community First Responders (CFR's) do?

CFR's are trained by and work for the local Ambulance Service. If you call for an ambulance and a volunteer is on duty in your Area a CFR may get called as well. An ambulance will still be on route, it is just that a CFR may get there sooner. Don't worry, the Ambulance Service will do this for you. If an Ambulance is needed just call.


When to call 999:

If you think a patient is suffering from one of the following you must dial 999 for an ambulance:


heart attack (e.g. chest pain for more than 15 minutes)

sudden unexplained shortness of breath

heavy bleeding

unconsciousness (even if the patient has regained consciousness)

traumatic back/spinal/neck pain

you think the patient's illness or injury is life-threatening

you think the illness or injury may become worse, or even life-threatening on the way to the hospital

moving the patient/s without skilled people could cause further injury

the patient needs the skills or equipment of the ambulance service and its personnel

About your local Group

We are a group of dedicated volunteers, committed to helping others in our Communities.

We are trained, dispatched, and monitored by the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb)

We offer a quick response to 999 calls and provide vital first aid treatment, including defibrillation, in the minutes prior to the arrival of an ambulance that can and does save lives.

Often we provide simple reassurance.

We make a difference in peoples lives when they need it the most.

Could you do the same?

  • Giving up as little as four hours a week, you, like us, could make a huge difference to our Community.

  • The training is provided initially by SECAmb then we keep up our skills through regular monthly meetings at our friendly local Group.

  • When it comes to going out as a Responder you would initially double up with another Responder and would also gain experience with an Ambulance crew.

  • When you are ready you can book yourself on call at a time to suit you.

  • As a Responder you are sent at the same time as an ambulance.

  • As a Responder you are never sent instead of an ambulance. 

Where do we cover?

Our name might suggest we only cover the Town of Haslemere. This is far from the truth. Whilst the Team started in Haslemere, because of  a growing number of Team members and due to where they live, we have spread our cover much wider.

In particular we are working with the South East Coast Ambulance Service to recruit and train responders in Fernhurst, Petworth and Midhurst.

Our Team now gets called to incidents in Grayswood, Haslemere, Hindhead, Fernhurst, Petworth, Lynchmere, and towards Liphook. We also help some local villages such as Lurgashall, Milland, and Northchapel with their defibrilators and have been happy to show their communities how easy it is to use them and help save lives. We hope to continue to grow and spread the cover and service we provide.

Approximate Areas we are covering or working towards covering. Other Responders Teams are available in some, but not all, areas outside the one shown. In the event of an emergency dial 999 or 111 for medical advice it is needed and it is not an emergency.

To understand more about what we do and to discover if we can inspire you to help please explore our website.

You too could make a huge difference in someones life.

We provide much of our own equipment and need to raise funds to fully equip our volunteer responders and to provide and maintain Public Access Defibrillators (PADs in and around our Communities.

We are a Registered Charity number 1142664

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